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San Juan Couples Retreat

San Juan Islands, WA / 4 days / May 16 – May 19, 2019

A couples wilderness experience set in the idyllic San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest. This trip is designed for couples looking to unplug, rejuvenate and reconnect to your partner, self, and the natural environment. The retreat weaves together outdoor adventure, clinically-proven mindfulness practices, and time for rest and exploration, with research-based relationship skills to strengthen your friendship, intimacy and ability to productively manage conflict as a couple. The skills you will learn as a couple are based on the Seven Principles Program, developed by decades of research and data on relationship satisfaction by world-renowned relationship experts at The Gottman Institute.

We will start off each day with guided mindfulness practices, a gourmet breakfast, a brief kayaking lesson, and then will kayak between islands in the San Juans. In the afternoon, we will spend time learning and practicing the different principles of healthy, satisfying relationships. All activities are designed to improve your life as a couple, and many exercises will intentionally bring in elements of fun, novelty, and play. In the evenings, you will enjoy dinner by the campfire, time to relax and connect with your partner, and rejuvenating sleep out under the stars. (While opportunities for questions and conversations are encouraged, no self-disclosure is necessary.)


  • Sea kayaking between a stunning chain of lush islands
  • Introduction to basic camping skills
  • Teaching and demonstrations on relationship skills
  • Couples exercises to strengthen connection
  • Mindfulness exercises to relax, reconnect, and build greater awareness


  • Unplug from day to day life and create lasting memories together
  • Reconnect to your partner, self, and natural environment
  • Learn kayaking and camping skills
  • Strengthen your friendship and intimacy
  • Foster respect, affection and closeness
  • Build and share a deeper connection with each other’s inner world
  • Learn to manage conflict discussions in healthy manner
  • Relax, rejuvenate and have fun together in a beautiful setting

The Leadership:
Hannah Eaton with Sequoia Immersions, will be directing this retreat in collaboration with Breakwater Expeditions. Breakwater has a team of highly-skilled outdoor professionals with years of experience in developing and leading adventure intentional programs and expeditions for teens, adults, and families.

Hannah Eaton, M.S. LMFTA
Hannah Eaton of Sequoia Immersions integrates her professional training as a clincal therapist with her background in wildereness guiding to offer this unique retreats for couples. Hannah is a Certified Gottman Seven Principles Leader, as well as a Wilderness First Responder. She will lead this wilderness retreat in collaboration with Breakwater Expeditions, who has a team of highly-skilled outdoor professionals with years of experience developing and leading intentional adventure programs and expeditions.

Who is this retreat intended or appropriate for?
Appropriate couples:
Couples contemplating engagement
Premarital couples
Couples married for decades
Couples of all backgrounds, ages, faiths, and sexual orientations

Inappropriate couples:
Couples in severe relationship distress
Couples with significant emotional or physical abuse
Severe mental mental health problems


Aug 31st: meet in La Conner, WA for an evening orientation and wine & cheese

Sept 1st: Ferry to Orcas Island, Paddle & Kayak Orientation

Sept 2nd: Day paddle around Succia Island

Sept 3rd: Final paddle back to Orcas island, closure, ferry to Anacortes

*(specific details subject to change)

Cost per couple: $2400

Registration: Contact Hannah at: [email protected]


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Nourish: A Sea Kayaking Retreat for Body and Soul

We are collaborating with Ammi Midstokke at two birds nutirition to create a unique experience that connects the soul-nourishing environment of the ocean with body-nourishing meals of whole foods.

In this four-day retreat, you will explore the San Juan islands by sea kayak, landing on the beach each night to explore culinary delights accompanied by nutrition education. As we prepare the cedar-plank wild-caught salmon over flame, we’ll dive into a deeper understanding of the health benefits of cold-water fish, the omega acids they provide, and how you might address your own health concerns with the food on your plate.

Each day will be an adventure in landscapes and better understanding of your unique nutritional needs and how to meet them. Between the nutrient-dense meals we’ll provide, days spent paddling through pristine nature, and direct access to a nutritionist, the retreat provides a setting that replenishes and provides you the tools to apply your knowledge at home and in your life.

Where: San Juan Islands (Anacortes Ferry, Washington)
When: September 27-30th
Cost: $1395 per person, $2590 for couples (or you and friend!)

Ammi Midstokke, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Ammi Midstokke is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, adventurer, and writer. She lives in North Idaho where she operates an advanced clinic specializing in nutritional approaches to health improvement, gastrointestinal disorders, and autoimmune disease.

Ammi’s approach to wellness has always been one of living fully, connecting to the systems that support our health and vitality, and enjoying the full spectrum of foods that delight the tastebuds and nourish the body. She often hosts retreats that combine all of these in a holistic adventure of discovery.
When she is not saving the world with vegetables, she can be found answering the call of the mountains, learning how to homestead, or tangled in a knitting project.
To learn more about Ammi and her practice, visit
You can also watch her TEDx talk here:

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A Mother’s Heart; A Hero’s Journey

San Juan Islands, WA / 7 days / Sept. 30st – Oct. 6th, 2018

This healing journey is for mothers, who for whatever reason, have found themselves making the nearly impossible and heartbreaking decision to send their child into the care of strangers. This uniquely choreographed journey in the San Juan Islands is a place for you to come just as you are, to rediscover, renew and restore your sense of self and purpose.

Imagine yourself taking a deep breath with a community of women just like you, stepping safely outside your comfort zone to create the change you’ve been longing for. Now imagine paddling a sea kayak, hiking, laughing, and sharing heart to heart with other moms.  You will be surrounded by an ever changing landscape that will refresh and refill those empty places you’ve hidden, avoided and ignored for so long.

This seven day journey will provide an opportunity for transformation, through a nature inspired adventure.  No outdoor experience is needed.  Breakwater Expeditions will take care of everything and teach you everything you need to know every step of the way.

The Leadership

Mikki Proffitt, Founder of A Mother’s Heart; A Hero’s Journey will facilitate this journey in collaboration with Breakwater Expeditions. Breakwater has a team of highly-skilled outdoor professionals with years of experience in developing and leading adventure programs and expeditions for teens, adults, and families.

Mikki Proffitt: Certified and Accredited EFT Practitioner, Lifestyle & Fitness Coach, Yoga of 12-Step Recovery Facilitator, CADCI Addictions Counselor

Mikki brings more than 30 years of experience to you as a facilitator, trainer, practitioner, teacher, and guide. She has learned through experience that creating and providing a safe and connected space for women to come together in a community allows them to rediscover and reclaim their sense of self and purpose. The catalyst for this rediscovery is her use of circle, ceremony, and celebration.


Sept. 30th: Arrive in Seattle

  • Arrive in Seattle
  • Stay in the area at a set Hotel
  • Evening Meet and Greet

Oct. 1st: Ferry to Orcas Island 

  • • Kayak orientation
  • • Paddle to Succia Island
  • • Set up our camp area where we will stay for the next few days.

Oct. 2nd – Oct. 4th:  The 4 R’s…

Release: Your isolation, sense of guilt, shame, feeling of failure, fear and a deep sense of loss.

Restore: Your sense of worth, self, and purpose…you will rediscover YOU!

Renew: Your heart, health and the flame of life that has been dimmed or   even extinguished.

Refill: All parts of yourself that are empty, lost or forgotten, so that you can begin to create and establish a life worth living, full of goodness, joy, community, faith, forgiveness and so much more.

Oct. 5th: Paddle to Orcas/ Ferry to Seattle 

  • Stay in the area at a set hotel
  • Final dinner out and closure

Oct. 6th: Depart for home

Cost per person: $2,200


Contact: Mikki Proffitt

Call:  541.306.1254

Email: [email protected]



Paddling the Green River, Utah

Open for all who are Adventurous! / 7 days / Sept. 8th – 14th, 2018

                                                                    7 days / Sept. 23rd – 29th, 2018

Join Breakwater Expeditions for an amazing journey of adventure while canoeing and exploring the Green River in Utah. This is a chance to not only learn the fundamentals of canoeing, navigation, and camping; but also gain knowledge of the area and form lasting friendships with like-minded people. This experience can be a catalyst for rejuvenating your spirit and will serve you for years to come.

No previous canoe experience is needed. We invite you to join this trip and immerse yourself in nature with a group of your peers. Explore the majestic landscape of Labyrinth Canyon, enjoy hiking, new challenges, campfires, and experience the satisfaction of time spent in nature.

We will break camp daily, carry everything we need in our canoes, paddle down river to each destination, and camp in tents alongside the water. This is the kind of trip that remains with you forever. Come join us!


        • Canoeing and side hiking.
        • Introduction to basic camping skills
        • Mindfulness exercises to relax, reconnect, and build greater awareness


        • Unplug from day to day life and create lasting memories together
        • Reconnect to your self, partner, family and natural environment
        • Learn canoeing and camping skills
        • Relax, rejuvenate and have fun together in a beautiful setting

The Leadership:

Lars Hall, lead guide and co-founder of Breakwater Expeditions, has honed his skills as an outdoor leader and guide in some of the world’s most awe-inspiring classrooms. For 19 years he has developed, facilitated, and guided programs in a variety of settings ranging from the mountains to the sea and has logged more than 1,800 days in the field working with adolescents, adults, and families.


Sept. 8th or 23rd: Grand Junction, CO
•  Arrive into Grand Junction by 5 p.m.
•  Stay the night in Grand Junction
•  Get oriented to the group and the gear

Sept. 9th-13th or 24th-27: Labyrinth Canyon of the Green River
•  Shuttle to Ruby Ranch, Utah on the river’s edge
•  Canoeing Expedition on the Green River 45 miles
•  We will move camp each day, with a possible layover day
•  Swimming, canoeing, hiking and more…

Sept.13th or 28th: Take off the water
•  Afternoon shuttle back to Grand Junction
•  Clean up and enjoy a evening dinner out

Sept. 14th or 29th: Departure Home
•  Participants either fly or drive home

Cost per person: $1800

All inclusive minus flights to Grand Junction.

Discount for families greater than 3.

Registration: [email protected]

Somatic Nature Retreat

Green River, Utah

Ecotherapists and Somatically oriented Therapists and Healers

7 days / Oct. 14th – 20th, 2018

A wilderness expedition designed for both ecotherapists and somatically oriented therapists and healers. Explore the interaction between our nervous systems and the natural world to not only deepen your own connection to the earth but also to be equipped to facilitate activities that offer the same for your clients. For five days and four nights we will canoe Labrynth Canyon of the Green River, camp on the river’s edge, and gaze into the vast night sky. The first and final nights will be in the small town of Grand Junction, CO, transitioning out of the wilderness with intention and further integrating the experience into our bodies.

As somatically trained practitioners and ecotherapists, we work regularly with the part of the natural world that is always with our clients: their bodies. Let’s immerse ourselves in this relationship, learn from the original attachment figure, tend to our own wellness through self-care, and learn principles and practices to help incorporate the natural world into our office-based sessions.

Activities and Objectives

        • Expedition canoeing through Labrynth Canyon of the Green River.
        • Introduction to basic camping and canoeing skills.
        • Learn and practice ecotherapy activities to use in the natural world as well as urban settings.
        • Understand the basics of the autonomic nervous system stress response.
        • Track and build awareness of your body’s stress response and be able to teach clients to do the same.
        • Practice tools to help clients orient to the natural world and settle their nervous systems.
        • Introduction to mindfulness and the benefits of body-awareness.
        • Practice self-care activities in the natural world that promote resilience in your profession and overall wellness.

Dates: October 14-20, 2018

Cost: $2150. This includes all meals beginning with breakfast on October 15 through dinner on October 19, accommodations in Grand Junction, guide services, gear, and transportation to and from the river. Airfare is not included.


October 14: Arrive in Grand Junction, CO

  • Fly to Grand Junction, CO
  • Stay in the area at set Hotel
  • Evening Meet and Greet

October 15: Drive to Green River, UT

  • Paddle and Canoe orientation
  • Canoe to campsite along the Green River

October 16-18: Canoe, hike, camp

  • Each day will consist of a combination of activities including paddling, day hikes, mindfulness and ecotherapy activities, and experiential education lessons designed to help participants apply concepts in their practices back home.

October 19: Take out and Drive to Grand Junction

  • Say goodbye to the river and head to the small town of Grand Junction for a final celebratory dinner.

October 20 : Fly home

Registration: Aspen Roots Collective

Contact: Sommerville Bevilaqua, LPC  [email protected]